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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Heavy Metal Detox, Yeast, Allergies, and School

The last six weeks have been a roller coaster of events and emotions.

We started Hayden's heavy metal detoxification using dmsa.  Hayden takes dmsa four times a day for three days, then has 11 days off dmsa and we repeat the cycle.  We are doing four cycles then re-evaluating lab work of heavy metals and check his liver and kidney function.  We have completed three cycles so far.  One more cycle and then a break!

I am glad to be finally getting the heavy metals out of his body but boy has it been rough!!!  Hayden has been "off" for about six weeks now and it scares the crap out of.  He has NEVER shown regression for more than a day or so and we are now six weeks in.  I have been told repeatedly that regression is normal and to hang on because big changes are about to happen. 

So what kind of regression am I seeing in Hayden?  He is stimming again :(  We got to the point were Hayden didn't stim anymore.  We are seeing lots of hand flapping, spinning, and his shrieking is back.  He is laughing at inappropriate times / things.  It hurts to see him like this.  I know that there is something going on his little body that is effecting him neurologically causing him to stim and I want it GONE!!!

He was also not sleeping well for about 4.5 weeks.  Hayden was waking up 3-4 times a night and up for the day at 4-5am.  He also stopped napping. Hayden not sleeping totally worn me down and kicked my butt.  I am very happy to report that he is back to sleeping 10 hours at night and taking a one hour nap during the day.  Thank goodness.........I seriously thought I was going to loose my mind.

Hayden is also having more tantrums.  These are not your typical three year old tantrums!!  These are tantrums that can last for an hour.  Hayden loses all ability to be rational or "reached" during these tantrums.  I feel so helpless when he is like this.  It breaks my heart to see the rage in his eyes, the spitting, the kicking, the throwing of objects or himself. 

All of the negatives and regression we have seen some positive growth!!  Hayden's social skills are improving and he has a little girlfriend at school :)  They sit by one another, Hayden likes to play with her hair, they have even been spotted holding hands!!!  I can't even put into words how truly amazing this is.  There was a time when no one, I mean NO ONE could even interact with Hayden with out him having a complete and total melt down and now he has a "girlfriend".  Did I mention that she is the only girl in Hayden's class?  I got the chance to talk with her parents and they said that she talks about Hayden all the time!!  One of my biggest concerns is that other children will not accept Hayden and that they will treat him poorly.

It is also amazing to watch Hayden interact with my parents.  He gets so excited to see them :)  He is comfortable sitting in their laps, hugging them, and kissing them.  There was a time this was painful for Hayden and now he totally embraces it.

We have been enjoying the zoo!!  It is so much fun to see how excited Ruby and Hayden get over the animals and to hear them tell me what they are and make animals noises.  Hayden also enjoys being around other people at the zoo and running and playing with the children.  This is pretty exciting stuff for us......every day things that people take for granted!!

So why the change...........I am not 100% sure!  At first I thought it was because Hayden accidentally ate some gluten.  A week into the regression I figured that was not it.  Could it be the DMSA....maybe?  Could it be seasonal allergies that have triggered a histamine release in his body....maybe?  Could it be a yeast kick up in his body?

I think its the yeast!  His behaviors are typical of yeast "flare" up.  Hayden has a doctors appointment on Tuesday and we get some labs results so I should know more than.

I am just hanging on and trying hard to stay cool, calm, and collective during this rough patch.

I just want my little man back and I think that we are slowly but surely getting there!! 

We also made a decision on school next year.  Hayden and Ruby will be attending Peace Montessori in New Haven.  I am not looking forward to the drive (50 minutes one way) but it is the best place for Hayden at this time.  It is our hope that Hayden will be able to go back to Oak Farm in a year or two.