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Monday, August 27, 2012

Ruby's Homeschool Adventure :-)

I have to admit that I am having so much fun homeschooling Ruby!!  We are not following any specific program and it is not super structured.  I am doing my best to put Montessori practices into Ruby's homeschool adventure.  I want Ruby to learn as much hands on and with purpose vs. sitting and doing worksheets in a un-cerative way that don't make sense to her.  I want to celebrate and enjoy every amazing activity that she chooses to do and the way she wants to do it. I want school to be something that she loves and looks forward to.  I want Ruby to be a life long learner.  I want to cherish and enjoy this very special time together.

I feel like I am putting together a Son-Rise Montessori Preschool.  Last week Ruby asked that I sit on the floor and help her put the alphabet train puzzle together.  I would pull each puzzle piece out of the box with great excitement, enthusiasm, and energy.  Ruby was beyond excited.  She could hardly wait to tell me what animal was on the puzzle piece, sound out the letters with me, and tell me what letter was on the puzzle piece.  I held the puzzle piece at eye level, I acted out some of the animals, and I cheered her on.  Much to my surprise I discovered that my little girl knew a few of the letters.  We spent a 45 minutes doing this activity.

I have spent some time researching and making activities for Ruby.  I have to say at the age of 32 putting vinegar in baking soda is still super fun!!

Ruby dropping colored vinegar into baking soda on top of the light box

Hayden joining Ruby after a 11 hour day of therapy

Salt box with a sheet of different colored tissue paper laminated underneath the salt

This is what it looks like with out the flash

Plexi Glass art board that Papa built.  Super fun to paint on!!

Scooping and pouring in the sand box (well outside the box in this case)

Ruby's homeschool area in the living room.  We put a dry erase board over the fireplace

Two shelves, work table, reading chair

Magnet board on wall.  Currently I traced around animal magnets and Ruby matches the appropriate animal to the tracing

Lock Work.  Ruby has to match the right size keys to the right lock and un-lock them

Color matching and fine motor skills.  Ruby takes the right coloring clothes pin and clips it on the matching color on paint stick

Cutting, glueing, and coloring work or hair cutting as Ruby prefers

Play doh work

Cleaning work.  Ruby loves to spray and clean her table and dry erase board.   Even Winston Wiener  Dog gets a little cleaning ;)
I have so many other exciting activities to put together for Ruby :)  Who wants to come over for class??

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tears of Joy :)

We had pictures taken this week of Brandon and myself working with Hayden in his Son-Rise Therapy  Program.  I want to document this moment in our lives for many reasons.  I want to be able to show Hayden one day how amazing his recovery from autism was and is.  I want him to see how much we lived in the moment and celebrated every day.  I want him to see how cherished and loved he was just the way he is.  I want to look back at these pictures and celebrate the true miracle that has taken place.

I must say that I already cherish this pictures.  I can not stop looking at them.  Every time I look at the pictures I cry tears of joy.  I am so overwhelmed with happiness and joy that it is bursting out of me.  I live and celebrate every moment with Hayden.  Looking at the pictures is just different.  It is still shot that I get to really look at and study.

When I look at the pictures I see PURE Happiness on Hayden's face.  I would say 95% of the day Hayden has a smile on his face.  This is such a huge change from a year ago.  Hayden rarely smiled.  Three years ago Hayden never smiled.  In fact he had a very "blank" look on his face.  It was a look of lifeless ness.  WoW!!!  Amazed, grateful, and blessed for this amazing journey that we are all on as a family.  I feel that Brandon and I have changed more than Hayden has.  That is the beauty of The Son-Rise Program.

The Son-Rise Program starts with the parents attitude and view points on life.  I have learned to LOVE and I mean dig down deep and LOVE people, I have learned how to ask for what I WANT, I have learned to be happy in ever situation possible, I have learned to be non-judemental, and I have learned that I am doing my absolute best and that is all the matters.  I am still a work in progress but I sure feel great about where I am.

We are living in the present and celebrating every day :)
Hayden can actually stand on the top blue rung with out holding onto anything

Hello, Mr. Hippo....try not to eat Mr. Dragon today

Making an octopus out to he ceiling fan that traps puppets

Which puppet do you want Hayden?

Ready to free the puppets

Looking at me right in the eye

Hayden can also manage a 3rd puppet on his leg ;)

My Daddy is SOOOOO much fun!!!

Smiles all around

"Reading" Three Little Kittens

Yep, I can totally ROCK a book :)

Celebrating Hayden's awesome eye contact

Licking Hayden...he LOVES it!

Joining Hayden in window climbing

Yep, I LOVE to climb too!

You told me to get the gears box down Hayden.  You didn't tell me where you wanted me to put the box!

Truly amazing how easily Hayden can get the gears all set up and working in a matter of minutes.  Yep....takes me a few hours longer ;)

Looking healthy with full cheeks and cute dimples!  He may have my eyes, but he sure looks like Daddy!

Oh, how I love when you share your food with me.  Even when you drop it on the floor and step on it first!

How big did you want me to draw that green frog??

Hayden drawing Snow White!

Gotta love scootering around with Hayden

Yes, I will push you forwards and backwards and celebrate all the way!

How fast did you want your car to go Hayden?

Oh, that fast...buckle up baby here we GO!

I could seriously kiss this kid all day long!!!  Hope he likes it when I drop him off at school :)

Yep, Mom I am going to look at you while I talk

and totally be into what we are talking about

Yes, Hayden I will celebrate, celebrate, celebrate every amazing eye contact, interaction, and use of language that you give!!

How big did you want that piece of tape?

Great Job choose just the right size!

Proud of his creation!

I can be a firewoman

and a silly person with large glasses

Whatever it takes to make myself more exciting than your autism

Dream BIG Hayden.....Dream BIG......YOU can do whatever you want in life!!!!

Thank You Terry for coming into our world and capturing such an amazing time in our life!!!!