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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Detox, Detox, Detox!!!

The time has come that Hayden is ready for heavy metal detoxification.  I feel like I have been waiting my whole life to start the detoxification process with him. 

Hayden has high levels of cadmium and lead in his little body and we have known about this for over a year now.  The reason we have not started detoxification sooner is because his body was not healthy enough.  Well he is now healthy enough :) 

In the past 14 months Hayden has gained 7lbs and grew 5.5 inches.  This may not seem like a lot for the average person but he did not grow or gain weight for 16 months.

I gave Hayden his first does of his detoxification medication (dmsa) yesterday and he will have that for two more days then take eleven days off.  We are going to complete four cycles then check his labs.  Dr.Macari thinks that Hayden will need about 9 months of detoxification.

I feel like I have won the powerball :)  I just want this crap that has been causing my son's body to have neurological chaos out of his body.  This is the final big step in Hayden's healing and now we wait....

We wait to see results and my gut tells me they are going to be huge :)  We couldn't have started detox at a more perfect time.  We have had such a rough winter illness wise and through all if it Hayden has prevailed. 

His speech continues to explode. He is talking in complete sentences...using nouns, verbs, pronouns, and proper tense.  This is HUGE!!  Six months ago he said 1-2 word phrases when he wanted something. He now talks and sings from the moment he steps out of bed to the time he closes his eyes to go to sleep.  There is only one word to describe it......BEAUTIFUL!!  I take in every word he says and cherish it.  What a journey we are on. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

The next step...

I had a meeting with the head of Hayden's school yesterday to discuss the possibility of Hayden having an aid next school year.  I was excited and nervous to hear what she had to say.  The director of the toddler program (this is the program Hayden is in) and he director of the primary program (program Hayden will be in next year) had met with her previously to discuss this very topic and had been told that this is not an option.

I walked into the meeting with a hopeful open mind.  I knew my odds of getting Hayden a private aid for next year was slim to none.  I am Hayden's voice and I owe it him to speak up and to think outside the box. That is what I did.  I explained Hayden's situation and medical path that we have chosen for him.  I shared my vision of how the aid would function and the aids role in the classroom.  Hayden needs someone to keep him on task.  He needs someone to know when to stand back and observe and someone to know when it is time to intervene.  He does not need someone to expect perfection and constantly be by his side.  He needs someone in the distance to support and encourage him without taking over.  I explained that I don't think Hayden will need an aid for his entire educational career and that this is only temporary.  I think we were all in agreement that this is what Hayden needs.  The downside is that this is not something that can happen at his current Montessori school.

To look at this from an outside perspective one might say that they simply do not want an autistic child at that school or what is the big deal.  If you truly understood the Montessori Method you would get it.  Adding another adult to the classroom will affect the flow of the classroom, it will affect the environment, and it will affect the other students.  As heartbreaking as it is what it is!!

The positive note from the meeting is that they are going to give Hayden more time to decide if he can move into the primary classroom with out and aid next year.  Originally it was to be decided by the end of April if Hayden would be asked back to Oak Farm next year or not.  We set up a plan for Hayden to attend the summer toddler camps and the last session of the primary camp and the decision will be made the end of summer.

I am so proud of my little Hayden!!  In December I could feel that the program chairs felt that Hayden would not be moving to Primary next year.  I remained hopeful and positive.  I have seen the things Hayden has overcome in the last year and I knew that he could do it.  They gave me a list of all the things he has to be able to do to be in Primary and he was barely meeting any of the goals.  He is now meeting ALL of those goals.  He needs some redirection, but he is doing his work!

This is great news to me!!!  Hayden should be healthy and strong enough to start detoxification from heavy metals anytime now.  I know that this is going to make huge changes in him and feel that this is the missing "piece" to Hayden's autism puzzle.  I feel that his attention span and some of his sensory issues are going to improve drastically with detox.

It was said if the primary classroom was 15 kids (in the Montessori environment there are 25 kids) Hayden could move up no question.  This is bitter sweet to me.  Hayden qualified for special ed preschool this time last year and now he can thrive and fully function on his own in a regular classroom.  Music to my ears :)  It was also nice to hear that just because Hayden does not attend Oak Farm next year does not mean that he will not be back.

So for now we continue to push ahead and I will continue to search for a back up school for Hayden.  The Montessori school that I thought would be a good back up plan I am not so sure about anymore.  I have looked at 12 preschool now.  I'm not sure how many more I can look at and stay sane!!!

For now I am going to remain positive and hopeful!!  It is out of my hands and God knows what he is doing.......I just wish I knew his plan.