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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Update :)

Has it really been since November since I have blogged??  Time for an update!

We recently traveled to South Lyon, Michigan for 10 days of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments at Oxford Hyperbarics.  We had a great trip.  Hayden didn't have the detox / die off reactions that he did when we were there over the summer.

I want to give a big shout out to my parents and all that purchased cookbooks.  I was able to fully fund our trip with that money (missed work wages and all).  This was a tremendous stress relief for us.  I made and sold a total of 79 cookbooks!!  Thank you all for the love and support.  We graciously appreciate it.

It was great to spend 10 solid days with Hayden.  We had a good time swimming, playing play-doh, going to Whole Foods for shrimp and pickles, playing board games, drawing, coloring, and launching angry birds all over the hotel room.  It was an amazing re-charge that I think we both needed.  Ruby and Brandon spent the weekends with us too.

I don't understand why hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not used mainstream to treat disease.  The more and more I learn about it, it blows my mind!!  The healing properties are unreal.  The reason we did hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Hayden was to aid in detoxification, repair and regenerate stem cells and capillaries, and reduce inflamation.  We did 60 minute dives, at a 2.0 ATA, two times a day.

Just like the last round of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments the gains started to be noticeable about a week after we got back from therapy.  There is not one person around us that has not noticed big changes in Hayden again.  Which is amazing because we just had a full moon and Hayden still has a little bit of an issue around the full moon still.

What we (and others) are noticing: huge explosion in initiation of conversation, longer sentences, increased happiness, improved eating, improved color, and improved listening.  His teacher told me he had the best week ever.  Hayden's OT was blown away by his flexibility, eye contact, and interest in sharing what he had been up to with her all on his own.

The movement that takes the cake is………….Hayden choose to sit and cuddle with PaPa (my Dad) after his bath one evening this past week.  Hayden normally likes to rough house with PaPa.  He climbed right up in his lap, told him all about his trip, told him what he had been doing in school, and asked what he had been doing.  The best part was my Dad could actually hear him and understand him.  My Dad is a little hard of hearing and usually has a hard time hearing Hayden.  Beautiful moment!  I was shedding tears, my Mom was shedding tears, and Ruby was pouting because she did not want to share her PaPa.

Hayden woke up in the middle of the night a couple nights ago calling out for Grammie to cuddle him. How stinking sweet is that???  Hayden has also been very excited for the weekends to have Daddy daycare and Monday nights so he can have Grammie daycare (I work those days).  It feels so good to me to know how much he wants to be with others.  It use to be very hard on Hayden to be with anyone but myself.

Hayden is sharing more and more about his day at school and what he did at Grammie and Daddy daycare.  Hayden made catapults with Grammie this week during Grammie daycare and asked me if he could take them to school to show his friends :)  We have been spending time outside recently and let me tell you what a change it is from the last several years.  I don't have to be constantly stalking him making sure that he is being safe.  He understands and gets boundaries now.  Previously he would run in the road or jump in the neighbors koi pond with out any hesitation.  Thank goodness for understanding safety!!!!

So needless to say hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps Hayden heal :)  Hopefully we will not have to go back for another round but I have a feeling we have at least on more round to go.  Who knows though really??  I feel like we are blazing the path with Hayden and his recovery from autism.  Just taking one day at a time.  Loving and enjoying life :)

P.S.  this month is autism awareness month. While I am aware enough of autism and don't feel like it is taken seriously.  It is the least funded / supported disease yet it effects more people than cancer.  If you would like to donate in honor of Hayden please donate to The Oxford Kids Hyperbaric Foundation: or The Autism Treatment Center of America: .   These two centers have helped and supported Hayden's recovery from autism.

Hayden loved the macaws at the reptile refuge.

Hayden and Gunnar hugging.  We got to meet Gunnar, his sister, and Mom in Michigan while we were there.  Gunnar has also recovered from autism :)
Playing in the pool with Gunnar.  They shared angry birds.

Playing air hockey with Mommy for the first time.

Hayden did not want me to take his picture and was sick of waiting ;)

Painting dinosaurs with Ruby

Building at lego club.  Ruby is always dressed to impress!

Love that boy!

What Hayden picked out for the Easter Bunny to eat.

Getting a check up.

Working at school

Doing science experiments at the library 

Looking at a dog X-ray at home

Ridding his bike with Ruby 

Eating 1 lbs of shrimp in about 5 minutes :)

Getting ready for our dive.

Smart kid came up with a sling shot for his angry birds :)

Shopping at Whole Foods.