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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pieces of Us: I'm Spreading the Word :)

Pieces of Us: I'm Spreading the Word :): WoW!!  What an amazing week I had at The Autism Treatment Center of America!!  Maximum Impact was all that I dreamed of and so much more.  I...

I'm Spreading the Word :)

WoW!!  What an amazing week I had at The Autism Treatment Center of America!!  Maximum Impact was all that I dreamed of and so much more.  I did some hard core soul searching and have a defined purpose now.  I am working hard on being nonjudgmental and a honest person.  So don't ask my opinion if you really don't want it ;)  I also learned some great tools to implement in Hayden's Son-Rise Program and made life long friends!!

Some pretty amazing things have been happening to me since I left The Option Institute.  The first being that my flight was delayed.  I didn't discover this until about 20 minutes until boarding time.  The problem with this was I only had a 40 minute lay over and was fearful that I was going to miss my flight.  I walked  to the intake area of the airport (not sure what it is really called) to find out what to do about my connection.  I had tears in my eyes and was shaking a bit.  I really wanted to be home when my kids woke up in the morning.  As I was waiting in line I took a deep breath and close my eyes to help calm myself down.  I said to myself in that moment that I was going to choose to be happy no matter what happens and that I will get home.  It was my turn and I told the attendant what happened and she looked at the computer to see about my connecting flight and if there would be other options for me.  As luck would have my connecting flight was delayed as well.  It was going to be tight to catch my connecting flight but was still possible.

I board the plane and we were headed to the take off area (don't know the name of that either) and the plane stopped.  The captain came on the intercom and said that we would not be taking off due to weather conditions at the landing airport.  Okay, deep breath!!  I decided that if I miss my connection than okay.  I pull out my Gut and Phycology Syndrome Book and begin reading.  GAPS is the diet we are switching to May 1st to help heal Hayden's little body.  The diet is grain free, refined sugar free, and lactose free.

The lady sitting next to me asked if I was a psychology student.  I said no, explained the diet and why we were doing it.  Amazing as is was the lady told me that she has a 29 year old son with Aspergers.  She asked me what kind of life I thought Hayden would have and the effect on my family autism would have.  She also told me to be prepared for a lot of heartache and stress.

Well if anyone knows me, you know this women got a ear full in a totally amazing way.  I told her what Hayden use to be like and what he is like now.  I let her know that there is not a doubt in my mind or anyone that knows Hayden knows that he is going to make a FULL recovery from autism.  I explained The Son-Rise Program and all the biomedical treatments we have been doing.  The lady then gave me some words of really careful with how I address my daughter.  She felt that should put to much pressure on her daughter because her son had many flaws and that her daughter feels that she has to be perfect.

I kindly listened to her but I addressed her concern.  I told her that I am not worried about that at all.  I let her know that Hayden is not viewed in a negative way ever.  That he is just fine the way he is and so is my daughter.  I told her that I feel Ruby having a brother with autism is going to make her a better person.  She is going to love and accept people just the way the are.  That she is going to have a better understanding of people with special challenges.  I also told her that she gets more attention than the average two year old.

I chatted back and forth with this women for around 1.5 hours.  The conversation ended on a positive note and the lady said she was very happy to have met me.  I gave her a card from The Autism Treatment Center of America.  She said she would wish me luck, but I obviously didn't need it :)

The plane was preparing to land and the flight attendant came over the loud speaker to announce connecting flight information.  As amazing as it was my connecting flight was taking out of the same gate as my landing flight which means.......drum roll please..........I MADE MY CONNECTING FLIGHT!!!  Woot...Woot...and I was going to be home when my babies woke up :)  The lady sitting next to me smiled and sure have a spark to you!

I got of the plane had time for a quick bathroom break and loaded on to the same plane again for my flight home.  This time I set beside a man that use to live where I flew out of.  He asked me what I was doing in Hartford and I told him about the training and he asked me questions about Hayden and the program and was taking in all I had to say.  He asked me what I thought cause autism and if you can all imagine I gave him an ear full )

I told him that we live in a toxic world and the food we eat is horrible!  He asked a lot of questions about food and I told him to watch Food Inc.  He then asked where he could get organic meat and produce from.  He told me we was sold on eating healthier.  We talked the entire hour flight about nutrition.

My journey home was a good reminder of why I am doing what I am doing and that people truly care :)  I do have the power to motivate people to make positive changes in their lives.  I am going to keep spreading the word!!!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Pieces of Us: Food For Thought....On My Way to Maximum Impact

Pieces of Us: Food For Thought....On My Way to Maximum Impact: I am sitting at the airport in Atlanta, Georgia as I type this.  I am not sure why I am in Atlanta if I am from Indiana and headed Massach...

Food For Thought....On My Way to Maximum Impact

I am sitting at the airport in Atlanta, Georgia as I type this.  I am not sure why I am in Atlanta if I am from Indiana and headed Massachusetts.  Even the directionally challenged person that I am knows that I went south to end up north.  The direction that I wend doesn’t matter, all that matters is that I get to where I am going.
My journey to the Autism Treatment Center of America reminds me of our journey with autism.  I would love for Hayden’s recovery from autism to be start at point A and end at point B with a straight line going up instead of down.  Hayden’s recovery from autism has been and will continue to be a line that goes up, down, around, twists, ties, and jumps all over the place.  Time has proven with Hayden that we take ten steps forward we take two steps back.

I am hoping this week at Maximum Impact that I will be able to truly 100% be able to accept the ups and downs and let go of my fears. Saying that I am excited to be headed back to Autism Treatment Center of America is a massive understatement.
I am trying so hard to accept the ups and downs of his recovery from autism.  This has been a true struggle with me.  I don’t want to see him move backwards, only forwards.  I fear that I will “loose” him again.  This place is like no other place I have been.  The energy that is present is pure and judgement free.  I get to be surrounded by others that understand and live what I am going through.  These wonderful people don’t judge, they love and accept.  I will get to celebrate Hayden’s autism and all the gifts that he has give us.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pieces of Us: Hayden hosted a picnic :)

Pieces of Us: Hayden hosted a picnic :): Today has been pretty amazing!!  Gerd Winkler, a teacher from the Son-Rise program came to work with Hayden and his Son-Rise team.  The outr...

Hayden hosted a picnic :)

Today has been pretty amazing!!  Gerd Winkler, a teacher from the Son-Rise program came to work with Hayden and his Son-Rise team.  The outreach was rockin' and we all learned so much!!  I am excited to see what is in store for tomorrows outreach with Gerd.

One of Hayden's most amazing moments happened after working with Gerd today.  While Gerd was playing with Hayden they read a book that the animals had a picnic in. This was not a book that he have read a lot.  When Hayden came out of the playroom he ran into the living room.

Gerd, Grandma Sandy, and I were talking about the session.  Hayden came running in the kitchen with a blanket and announced, "Picnic."  Hayden continued to state all of our names, giving great eye contact, and requested that we sit on the blanket.  Hayden then gathered all the food that was in the book for the picnic.

Hayden shared his food with all of us :)  Complete with giving us bites of banana.  He followed directions with ease, smiled, and giggled the entire time.  We didn't have cookies so he improvised and got out rice cakes all on his own.  

The picnic was a beautiful moment!!!  He wanted us there, he was using his imagination, he was using his words, and he was HAPPY :)  To think two years ago he didn't respond to anything, had NO form of communication, lined his cars up and had temper tantrums all day and night long.

Way to GO  Hayden you are an amazing boy that continues to blow my mind every day!!!  I couldn't be more proud!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Tantrum of All Tantrums.......and an embarrassed nephew :)

My nephew went with Hayden and I to the dentist last week.  After we finished with the dentist I needed to run into the grocery store quickly to pick up a few items.  Hayden did great at the dentist and generally does well at the store.

I had finished getting everything we needed and we headed to the check out.  Hayden spotted the Disney Cars display and wanted to look at it.  I was fine with that and he had been such a good boy that I told him he could pick out one toy.

He looked over all the shake and go disney cars.  I could tell he was struggling with picking one out so I reminded him that he could get ONE toy.  He looked right at me and said, "NO, two."  He even held up two fingers!!  I was so proud of him and wanted to buy him both but I couldn't afford both.  I told him sorry and that he could only get one.  He again said, NO I want two cars."  He held up two fingers again. I then said, "Hayden we can only get one."  "I know it is hard, but sometimes in life we just don't get what you want," I said to him crouched down on his level.  "We have to learn to be okay with that," I reminded him.  Inside though if I had the money I would have bought him two in a heart beat.  I was so excited and happy that he was telling me exactly what he wanted and looking at me in the eyes to tell me.

At this point a full fledge tantrum erupted.  A tantrum of all tantrums......on the floor kicking and screaming and yelling I want two!!!

My poor nephew had to stand there and be stared at with us.  Normally it does not bother me.  I have become very use to people staring at us for Hayden's behavior or my behavior or my unconventional parenting methods.  However my nephew is not and is at a difficult age for self confidence.  He was a trooper and stood there and waited for us.  I could tell if bothered him but he didn't say one word about it.

Hayden couldn't pick just one car and it was time to leave.  He had a tantrum the whole time I was checking out.  The check out lady was very kind and told me that all kids have tantrums like that and I was doing a good job :)  She told me to smile.  I told her that Hayden is autistic.

I told Hayden it was time to go and if he couldn't pick just one we had to leave with none.   He couldn't pick one so we left with NONE.  I am proud of myself that I stuck with what I said.  I have a hard time doing that with Hayden.  I want to give him EVERYTHING he asks for.  He has come so far and I am so proud of him. I want him to know that he gets results when he asks for things to encourage communication.

When we got home from the store and dentist I got in HBOT with Hayden for an hour.  We both chilled and had quiet time.  During this time I reflected on the tantrum in the grocery store and the dentist visit.  I really thought about what the cashier had said.....that all children act like that.  I blamed Hayden's autism for the tantrum.

You know what it WAS NOT the autism.  Hayden wanted two cars and I told him he could only have one.  It was not the lighting, it was not the people moving around, it was not the noise of the store.  The tantrum was a direct result of not getting what he wanted.  Which is a TANTRUM in a very typical, neuoro typical child kind of thing.

So reflecting back I had a VERY typical child kind of morning with my little man!!!  Way to Go ROCK my world!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pieces of Us: The Dentist....OYE!!!

Pieces of Us: The Dentist....OYE!!!: I took Hayden to a pediatric dentist this week to have his cavity looked at and to come up with a treatment plan.  Well the one cavity is re...

The Dentist....OYE!!!

I took Hayden to a pediatric dentist this week to have his cavity looked at and to come up with a treatment plan.  Well the one cavity is really a mouth full of cavities one of which needs a crown. He said that Hayden would have to be under general anesthesia to have his teeth fixed. I really liked the dentist that we seen.  He LISTENED to me!!!  I mean the man seriously LISTENED to me and HEARD what I was saying.

We talked about where the procedure would be done and who would be his anesthesiologist.  There is only one anesthesiologist and one hospital in this area that I would even consider taking my son to.  Which neither of these two things are an option.  I also talked with him about wanting to have Hayden's blood tested to see which materials would be safest to use in the fillings for his teeth.

The decision was made and we are headed to Indianapolis to see a pediatric biodentist at Riley Hospital.  I am nervous....I have cried...and I have vomited just thinking about it.  I am absolutely terrified of putting any kind of chemical in Hayden's body.  I am completely terrified of having Hayden go under general anesthesia.

We have worked so hard to get my son back.  I don't want to loose him again!!!  His body is so fragile and sensitive that anything and everything effects him.   We go in two weeks for the initial consultation with the dentist and will develop a game plan then.  I know when we have a date for the actual procedure I am going to loose it.  The day of the procedure I am not even sure how I am going to pull it together and not freak out for Hayden's sake.  While he is in the procedure I am pretty sure I will have a nervous break down.

I am not one to just hand over my child and trust people with him.  Especially Hayden........I don't leave him and when I do it's with Daddy or his Grandmas.  To trust medical people with him alone.......FREAKS me out!!!  I hope they are ready for me detailed list of do's and don'ts.   Some may say let them do their job..............well I have done that before and look at the boat we are in now.

On a good note Hayden did amazingly well at the Pediatric Dentist.  He let him get a good look at his teeth and even voluntarily laid in the chair.  Hayden has come a long way from being super oral defensive and screaming bloody murder while getting his teeth brushed.

We will be going back to him for check ups and cleanings.  The dentist is going to give me a list of ingredients of what is in the polish to clean Hayden's teeth to make sure that it is compatible with Hayden's needs.  He was also on board with me not wanting Hayden to have fluoride.

The dentist said that Hayden's teeth are like they are because of his vitamin deficiencies, inhaled steroid (he takes for his asthma), his teeth being so close together, and genetics.  I have been super diligent all his life about brushing his teeth, going to bed with water to drink only, and not feeding my child crap.

I am completely kicking myself for not adding Hayden to our dental insurance this year.  Ugh....why didn't I do this!!!!