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Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's time for an update!!!

Having a snack of avocado chocolate pudding

Proud of his gingerbread house

Loving his smoothie

Playing Ned's Head with Mommy

Ready for school

Helping in the kitchen

Giving a friend a check up

Making hot chocolate

Frosting cookies

Made gumdrop trees

Lost his front top tooth

Hayden decorated the area beside where he sleeps :)

Ruby and her melting snowman
The days seem to be passing by quicker and quicker.  I am working more, Brandon is working more, and the kids are in more activities.  Trying to find the balance in daily life is challenging!!!  I don't like being so busy that there is no time to just be together at home and enjoy each other.  I also want my kids to be involved in activities.  What a great challenge to face :)

I am so in love with my babies.  They are learning and growing at a lightning pace.  It seems every day they are learning and doing something new. I feel like in a blink of an eye they will be driving and going on dates.

Hayden has settled into his new classroom well and is going 5, 1/2 days a week to school.  This seems to be a great fit for him.  I continue to work with him on handwriting and eye hand coordination exercise at home.  Hayden's favorite at school right now is gardening.  He loves to go outside with his gardening teacher and go sledding.  His school has a perfect sledding hill.

Hayden has the yellow sled and is walking back up the hill

Helping shovel at home

Hayden's handwriting is getting better and better.  He is getting the spacing of letters and the relation of  letters and lines.  He is also starting to sound out and spell simple words.  Hayden also knows how to spell several words by memory (I think he knows way more than he lets on to know).  We practice handwriting in several different ways to keep it light and fun.  I want Hayden to want to write.  I want him to understand the purpose of writing.  What we don't do is repetitive writing drills.  This week during one of his writing lessons I had Hayden draw a picture and then write a story about his picture.  I was not sure if he was ready for this length of task.  Much to my surprise he was up for it :)  He drew a picture of one of his favorite games, Flying Pigs.  It says, "I like to play flying pig game. I like to play with Mom."  He then signed his name.

Using an inclined writing surface has been beneficial for Hayden.  He knows how to write all his letters but  it seems there is a disconnect between his brain and vision.  Cranial Sacral Therapy is helping with the vision / brain connection.

Corn starch and water mixed together.  I put it in a jelly pan.  There is a lot of resistance when you write and draw in it.

The kids have both been asking if we can get a puppy or have a baby.  Daddy says no to both.  Who thinks Daddy should change his mind???