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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Since we started on our Biomedical journey with Hayden 3 years ago his stool tests have always come back positive for parasites.  The type of parasite was always identified as protozoan.   Our DAN!  physician and pediatrician never put an emphasis on Hayden having parasites as a big deal.  We have done every natural remedy and treatment under the sun to treat the parasites.  I honestly didn't feel that the parasites were an issue.  I felt we did the treatments surely my son does not have worms anymore.  I thought Hayden just had / has serious yeast issues.  Then a little birdie told me to start watching the moon phases.

Honestly when the little birdie told me to watch the moon phases I thought she was a quack.  Ah, I am so eating those thoughts now!!  The first full moon I paid attention to Hayden's behavior and thought......hmm, this is a coincidence.  Hayden's behaviors were off the charts.  He was stimming more, he was agitated, he was humping, hyper, and not sleeping well.  Then came the new moon.  What??  Seriously?? Hayden was a hot mess for a few days.  The full came around and bang.......there was my proof.  Hayden appeared and acted to be possessed.  It was the worst behavior I had seen from him in 3 years.  I was a hot mess.  In total fear that Hayden was "lost" again and we might not get him back this time. I was like this for a few days.  It was scary.  I freaked out hardcore.  Then a switch flipped in my mind, I pulled on my big girl panties and went into instant, full on kill the parasites mode.

I did massive amounts of research.  I made phone calls and emails to various people doing the parasite treatment I was considering.  I even called a friend that is a chemist to make sure what I was going to give my son was safe.  I am beyond grateful that an amazing friend started this treatment around the same time I did.  She has been an amazing support person.  The protocol that we are doing is new and still in development phase.  It has been fabulous to compare notes, brainstorm, and bounce ideas back and forth.  She also helps keep me in check and a constant supporter :)  Beyond grateful that autism brought us together!

How is Hayden doing on the protocol???  Well, MIND BLOWING!!!  Hayden's spontaneous functional language has made a drastic increase.  He is sharing so many amazing things with us instead of speaking only to get needs met.  Hayden says things like "Come and get me Ruby" "I love you Mommy" "Winston is barking" "Look it's raining".  His eye contact has increased.  His attention span has increased.  He constantly wants to be with us and is rarely in a room by himself.  Hayden asks to go see friends all the time.  Hayden is asking "W" questions with ease.  Hayden went from sleeping a solid 9 hours a night to 11 hours a night.  He has also developed a strong love for eating vegetables.  Hayden is also way more open to trying new foods.  He is following directions with ease.  I even made him a responsibility chart to check off daily and he gets the concept and happily completes his chores.  Hayden learned to ride a scooter and pedal a bike.

So, YES MIND BLOWING PROGRESS!!!!  This is only in 1.5 months time too :)

Hayden's ATEC went from 52 when we started the protocol on 12/26 to 22 on 2/1.  That is a GINORMOUS drop and I was super stingy with the rating process.

We were the "lucky" ones that actually tested positive for parasites.  From what I understand is that most people don't test positive.  I know several people that have tested negative and the worms that are coming out the is CRAZY.  You are better off to look at symptoms.

Symptoms that you have parasites:

Bloated Abdomen
Poor weight gain / growth
Itchy rectum
Teeth Grinding
Increased irritability (or strange behaviors during the new and full moon....that is when parasites are most active)
Joint pain
Chronic Fatigue
Sleep Disturbances
Immune Dysfunction

If you don't believe me start tracking the moon cycles.  The new moon was just here on Sunday.  The next full moon is February 25, 2013.

How do I know we are on the right track of killing this life sucking parasites??  1) all of the amazing progress that Hayden has made 2) I see the parasites coming out in his stool every day.  The following pictures are only a minor portion of what Hayden is passing daily.  At first was grossed out, upset, and pissed off at myself for not putting more thought and treatment and emphasis on the parasites.  Now, I am just like that's right die mother f*uckers I am reclaiming my son's body for him.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Beginning to the End???

The last month has been a whirlwind of events for my sweet Hayden.  His language has exploded and he seems to be in our world a large majority of the day.  Hayden plays with Ruby pretty much all day long.  One of their favorite things to do together is Ruby rides her tricycle and Hayden chases her on his scooter.

Speaking of scooters and tricycles this is a new skill for the kids.  I am super excited about it.  Despite Hayden's off the charts gross motor skills riding a bike or kicking around on a scooter have been a challenge for him.  He could pedal but not steer.  Hayden now has the motor planning to coordinate both skills :)  He even rings the bell and wears his helmet while scootering around.

Hayden continues to have the most amazing "spark" in his eyes.  We use to see glimpses of that spark every once in awhile and now all we see is the spark.  He no longer has a flat effect.  Hayden is pretty much all smiles these days.  It is easier to get a good picture of Hayden then to get a good picture of Ruby.  Hayden has amazing energy in his eyes.  It's a spark that I have not seen in him since we "lost" him at 18 months of age.  There are several points in the day when I just stop and watch his eyes in amazement.

He still has occasional tantrums.  Hayden's tantrums have become typical.  He tantrums because he can not get what he wants or because he is over tiered.  Hayden no longer tantrums because he is overstimulated or is unable to communicate his wants with us.  Hayden does test us from time to time to see if tantruming will get him what he wants.  It is actually super cute and I really should try to get it on film.  He has this grin on his face and lets out a puny outburst and looks right at you to see what the reaction will be.  It is hard for me not to laugh at his "fake" tantrum.

Hayden has also exhibited a strong want to be around other people.  We have recently had 3 members or our team stop coming to work with Hayden for various reasons (which we love and miss all of you but are super happy that you are doing what makes you happy).  Hayden asks for them by name using the "w" questions (where, why, when) which is pretty big stuff.  Hayden rarely used "w" questions in the past.  He now asks appropriate "w" questions through out the day. WooT.....WooT!!!

Hayden and Ruby recently had their cousin Corra spend the night.  The kids were so excited to go to Corra's house, play with their other cousins, and bring Corra home with us.  On the drive over the cousins house Hayden told me that he was going to play in Gaige's room.  While we were there Hayden played with the kids non-stop.  He laughed with them, he talked to them, he looked at them in the eyes!, and he didn't have one outburst!!  Pretty freaking amazing :)  When we got home Hayden wanted to sleep with the girls instead of Mommy.  I cried like a freaking baby.  I have been dreaming and praying for Hayden to want to play and be with other people for the past three years now.  He slept with the girls until 1am when Ruby woke up screaming because there were monsters in her bedroom. 

So is this the beginning to the end of Hayden's autism????  I am not 100% positive but I sure freaking believe so.  Hayden has more and more typical behavior and less and less autistic behavior.  Recently he is demonstrating more typical behavior when he is not in his therapy room and more autistic behavior in his therapy room.  I am not sure what to make of this?

The thought of the "beginning to the end" has really got me thinking about what I am going to do when Hayden is 100% recovered.  I don't see myself shutting the door, walking away, and washing my hands of autism. I feel that I have learned far too much not to share it with the rest of the world.   I want to help people live healthier lives.  I want to help people recover their children from autism.  I want to work with autistic people.  So what am I going to do????  Well I am going back to school when the kids are both in school.  What am I going to go to school for???  Good question!  I am not 100% sure yet but I am leaning towards my phd in functional medicine.  I want to write a book.  I want to have my own practice where I can educate people on nutrition and healing their bodies.  I have always felt that I was not done having children.  I am starting to see this differently.

What if I don't physically have more children but I give autistic children their lives back?  I know whatever I do I am going to do it 100% with lots of love and passion :)

Not born with autism and won't have autism one day soon :)