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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Update on the AMD IonCleanse Foot Baths :) :)

Brandon and I have both come to the conclusion that we are seeing some positive changes in Hayden since we started the AMD IonCleanse Foot Baths.  What we are seeing is maturing.  Hayden is almost eight and on most days he is more like a 5 year.  Which is absolutely perfect for him and us.  We are very happy about all the challenges that Hayden has overcome.  We are not striving for *perfection / normalcy*.  We are striving for happiness and health for our little man.  After all I am a far cry from *normal*.  So here is what we are seeing.......................

1) Hayden has started to back his booty up to us and fart. He thinks this is hysterical.  I think it is hysterical that he thinks it is hysterical.  I do, do my best to keep it together and educate him that farting on people is not okay.  Brandon and I both feel that this is something that typical 8 year old boys find humor in.

2) He is playing what Ruby wants to play.  She has taken a love for the TY beanie babies with big eyes and pretends they are her pets.  Hayden pretends play pets with her.  Sometimes he goes with her plots and others he adds his boy flare to the pretend play.  For example pets pooping and farting, driving in a car, pets playing video games, etc.  Ruby gets frustrated with Hayden about him not following her way of play and it's pretty comical to watch them argue back and forth about the pets.  They really act like an old married couple at times.

3) Hayden is commenting and sharing at a whole new level.  Last night Ruby wet the bed.  She woke up this morning and couldn't find her burpie (her burp cloth, aka love).  Hayden went to help her and picked up her wet panties on accident.  He said, "Ewwww.........Ruby you peed your pants and your panties are wet."  I had a good chuckle over this.

4) Hayden is buckling his own seatbelt! Woot.....Woot!!!

5) Hayden is open to and working on higher level scholastic work with out major support.

6) Hayden is really aware of road safety on walks and bike rides.  He is now telling me when cars are coming and to step into the grass.

7) Hayden is making his own breakfast and cleaning up on his own.

8) Hayden is picking out his clothes and getting dressed on his own with out any kind of prompting.  He even puts his dirty clothes in his dirty clothes basket.